About My Books

My White Cocoon


This poignant saga begins in the 1940's and unravels through to modern times in Charleston, South Carolina.   The Duvall family roots come undone and mend throughout the story. Catherine, falls in love and marries Carter, a gentle soul struggling with past demons.  Anguish and despair attempt to disgrace Carter and his family. Overcome with disasters , Catherine gathers the pieces and reassembles her cherished clan. Intertwined calamities, snarled emotions cause conflict.  But, it's unconditional love that proves there is no barrier large enough to dissolve

the devotion and pride of the 

Duvall Family. 



This heart warming story takes place in the Low Country of South Carolina.  It lights with intrigue, family love and devotion but is washed in turmoil.   Duvall plantation on Wadmalaw Island, just south of Charleston, and their home on Church Street are rocked by unfastened lives of the Duvall's.  The tumultuous South continues to change while stoic Catherine struggles  to hold on to self values and Southern traditions.  Carter's alcohol consumption pours with anguish.  A new insight into his life sparks change for the family. Catherine continues to save values of the past. Calamities entwine, emotions flare but family endures.  Catherine ages as a shadowy transformations stirs within.  

My Pants are Getting Baggy


An inspirational, uplifting account of my weight loss process. "The book idea came about after asked me to share my slimming secret."
I walk us (no pun intended) through the process of sheading pounds.   "There is no secret to weight loss. 

Good health is worth hard work.  

It is a lifetime journey".

As you turn the pages of "Pants," follow your dream for a thinner, healthier you.