About Me

Let's Get Aquainted

I am a retired Elementary School teacher, wife to Michael for over 50 years, mother of three sons and one daughter, grandmother of eight. Our oldest granddaughter, Harper, died from cancer at the age of 11. We have a foundation, Hugs for Harper, that contributes to research of pediatric cancer.

I also volunteer with Molly and Maxwell, my Westies to help others smile in hospitals, schools and anywhere needed. 

Having battled with my weight for years, I finally got it!  Balancing diet and exercise works. 85 lbs. lost and  I've maintained for seven years.

As a Charlestonian, many stories have come my way about the Low Country and it's people.  These stories led to my writing career. My White Cocoon, Khaki and My Pants are Getting Baggy (Yours Can, Too!) are just the beginnings.  .